The environment is important to us

According to the British chambers of commerce, only 1 in 10 small companies measure their carbon footprint, yet over half of their customers say that it is a concern to them.

From the beginning, our main goal (aside from making your home beautiful and heavenly!) is to not only run our company in such a way that it impacts the environment as little as possible, but to actively play a part in nurturing it and helping wildlife.

There is a reason we decided to have an oak tree represent us.

Oak trees support more life than any other native forest in the UK. Hundreds of species of insect call oak trees home which by extension creates a vital life source for larger animals such as birds, foxes and bats. (Woodland trust)

Our carbon footprint

It is important to us that we attach a figure to our environmental impact so that we have a baseline from which to amend it. As such, we will always have our most recently calculated figure displayed below with details of how it is calculated and the steps we are taking to try and keep it as minimal as possible. (For more information on “net zero by 2050” please research green innovation- British chambers of commerce)

Tree planting

So now we have that figure what do we do with it? We plant trees! Specifically, UK trees planted right here in the UK, in places where generations of people can enjoy them and not just furry little creatures and insects! This is a working project for us so please keep checking back here for updates!

The chemicals we use

Nasty word chemical. But it doesn`t have to be. We are very careful about which cleaning products we use and a great deal of research is carried out before we make a decision. All of the products we use, to the very best of our knowledge, are composed ONLY of degradable and safe, plant-based chemicals, and as a bonus, the packaging is all made from recycled and recyclable plastics.

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