Welcome to Oak Tree Domestic Services

We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little about who we are as a company and to highlight the important aspects of why we do what we do.

Oak Tree Domestic Services (OTDS), and its precursor, Rain Drop Services (don`t ask!) is the culmination of many years of late evening chats, middle of the night lightbulb moments and early morning gruntings.

The idea of our own company is one we had floated around for a while and we eventually settled on cleaning for the simple reason that we love to clean!

We did have one condition though; we were going to be different.

Yes, we wanted to clean but no, we were not going to use chemicals which could be harmful to the environment, we were going to be actively conscious of our carbon footprint and we were going to take steps to be a responsible company.

And so Oak Tree Domestic Services was born!

We are a local company for local people.

This is important to us.

If you are to let us into your home then you need to trust us.

We cannot be a faceless company who sends out a different cleaner each week.

We are accountable, recognisable and relatable.

You will see us out of your windows walking our dog.
We drink in the pubs we clean, eat in the restaurants and shop in the shops.

These are the things that make us who we are and we are proud of them!